Being a nice LL will get you know where. Here is my story or part of it.

Hi Landlord station. I am new to this site and glad to be a part of it. My problem is I am a nice guy who is always trying to help everyone. I am changing my attitude really fast. I inherited 2 row homes and a 3 unit apartment building in a great section of Philadelphia that is very desirable and rents are good.

I rented one of my row homes to a husband and wife who are nice people. But with everything they are always late with their rents. No matter what I do they are late. They have bounced checks on me as well. Last June I raised their rent from $950.00 to $1,100.00. They have lived in my rental for 9 years and I never increased their rent. Last year the city of Philadelphia decided to raise everyone’s real estate taxes almost triple. I had no choice to raise rents. When I told them I had to raise their rent they didn’t give me any attitude or anything like that. They actually said you haven’t raised our rent so we are good with this. I told them I need your rent on time and not when you feel like paying. They pay at the end of the month.

So again May ends and their rent is due. The husband tells me I can pick up my check on June 13th making them 13 days late. 2 days later he texts me and says I am sorry about this but my wife predated the check for June 18th. I said ok. The 18th comes around I deposit the check. I get a text yesterday from the wife saying that her husbands check didn’t clear yet and they are going to have to give me a money order. I wrote back and said thanks for letting me know. My bank took the funds for your check and charged me $25.00 service fee plus I wrote checks against the deposit. At this point I just need them to go. So what I am planning on doing is just coming right out and telling them that I have had it with this rent game and I want them out. I was also thinking of telling them I am selling the house. The reason for this is when I told them I had to raise their rent I said if you can’t pay you will have to move. The husband turned to me and said Oh we can’t move. I told them if you can’t afford the rent you will be moving. So I figure if I tell them I am selling the house they can’t turn to me and say we are not moving. I don’t feel like dealing with them at all anymore. When they are finally gone its up to me if I want to keep renting or sell the house. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I am open for any help. Thanks in advance!!

Use the law or use $$$

Start with your state's and/or city's requirements to begin eviction. OR offer them $1000 and a 30-day notice. Don't lie. Selling the house doesn't negate their lease. If they have been in there 9 years, hope you have rehab money... and you can't do wholescale improvements with them still living there. Long term tenants ultimately decrease your property value because you have no room to make improvements. Cut the headaches and try to ease them out with key money. Make sure you comply with the notice rules and get a signed letter of intent to vacate with a date they will be leaving on it. But do be sure to consult with a lawyer. Eviction will take more than $1000. And if you do want to sell it... will be easier if they are gone.

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