Breaking of lease agreement

I have a lease agreement with my tenants legally signed by them and a witness.In the agreement they agreed to pay half the oil bill for the months of October through March.They informed the landlord that they will not pay their share of the oil bill! Do we have the legal right to evict them?We live in the state of mass.,not sure if we need to provide them with free heat for winter.At the same time can they claim hardship and live there until the lease ends on April 1 2014!

Are you the landlord or anothe...

Are you the landlord or another tenant in the building? If another tenant then yes, you can and should report them to the lanldord. If you are the landlord, I would first send a written and dated letter reminding them that this sort of activity contravenes their lease and in theory might lead to the rent control being lifted and therefore paying much more in rent going forward. If the behavior continues then I would send another letter and simultaneously explore how to report such a violation to the city or whatever jurisdiction is in control of your specific rent control. There should be ways in which you can terminate a lease or at least raise the rent on someone who is violating the terms of a rent controlled lease. 

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