Commercial Leasing Laws

Where can I find information and/or laws governing Commercial Leasing in Tennessee (Chattanooga, Hamilton County)I am the owner/landlord of a commercial property being leased as a restaurant in Chattanooga, TN.  I cannot find any set of laws, codes, statutes, regulations, etc. on Commercial Leasing, Commercial Landlord - Tenant Laws/Act, etc.   Having to inquire about every issue, action, law or rule as it comes up is very frustrating.  Is there not a set of at least guidelines to go by?  Or maybe a book to use as reference?   It's difficult to follow the rules when you can't find them. Thank you

I would start here http://www....

I would start here That is the TN Real Estate commission site and there should be a laws and regulations section in which to look things up. Many commissions (I am not sure of TN) also have lawyers on staff to provide free legal advice. You might have to join or become a member, which probably is not a bad idea if this is somthing you plan on doing long-term. 

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