Damage Deposit- being withheld

I am withholding the damage deposit for a tenant whose lease is up today. Tenant vacated the property before the lease was up but left the place in a filthy state. I had to hire a professional cleaning lady to come in and clean. Cleaning lady informed me that the shower stall floor was stained due to the lack of cleaning by tenant. I provide the tenant with a closing statement today with a breakdown of damages and fees charged which total the damage deposit. They are now asking for receipts. Colorado state law, from what I can research, states I do not need to provide such. Does anyone have more information on this topic?? Do I have to provide receipts of services when I am not returning the deposit??

I am unsure of Colorado State ...

I am unsure of Colorado State Law specifically, but it seems if the damages do equal the deposit it might just be simpler to show them receipts or a breakdown rather than fight over it. That being said I think you are probably in the right that unless the lease specifies that you have to show receipts you probably don't.
You might look at these articles below to see if there is anything further about your specific laws.


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