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Question about tenant letting girlfriend move in with her 4 year old. Tenant never asked nor did he ask if two of his other (6) kids could stay for long weekends year round. We only allowed 'Joe" and his two youngest small children on the Lease. Been there 9 months of a year Lease and we would like him to leave. Too small of a house and only $700 for that much 'wear and tear'. Already flooded basement once for lack of responsible adult supervision of child flushing towel down toilet. We already caved to letting him have his girlfriend father's dog live there and he has violated parts of the dog Addendum. He pays rent on time and even ahead of time (2-3 months in advance). What should we do now?

The chances of you being able ...

The chances of you being able to get him out in less than three months if you are just starting this process is probably remote. So I would focus on what you need to do when his lease is up etc. First you need to start giving him warning IN WRITING that he is currently not adhering to his lease and is at risk of default. Be very specific. See what his response is and take it from there. Either way warning letters etc are a good way to get started letting him know there is an issue and that you are not likely to renew his lease.

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