Fire risks: Can I forbid smoking, incense, candles and Hindu fire ceremonies?

Fire risk Problems: One tenant burned candles. A relative burned candles to commemorate the dead 24 hours, thus leaving candle burning while asleep. A tenant burned incense.  A tenant with a newborn held a Hindu fire ceremony involving burning wood which created smells, smoke, and set off the communal fire alarm! Solutions considered:I'm ordering fire extinguisher, fire blanket and smoke alarms. Also considering a warning sign telling people not to throw water on oil fires on the stove. How should I word my revised contract to forbid fires? Should I say insurance is invalid if tenant starts a fire? Should I demand that tenant takes out insurance covering fire? Should I appeal to tenant's self interest and safety? I asked residents association to install notice board with fire instructions and helpline numbers. But management did not want tenants to be calling out our helplines unnecessarily at our expense. Any other ideas?

If you have an abandonment cla...

If you have an abandonment clause you could be covered. 

If you have something in writi...

If you have something in writing from her like an email that says you can do whatever you want with it, then I think you can do that. However, I would be somewhat careful about it and would be sure that you have permission to do so, and have evidence of such.  Is it worth anything? You could theoretically sell it at a garage sale to go against what she owes you. 

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