for a non-renewal notice, how much time should a give

In the state of Florida how much time should I give the tenant  for a non-renewal notice.

I agree with brokerDon, these ...

I agree with brokerDon, these people are probably  just stringing you along and living rent free for as long as they can. In my over 40 years of experiance as a landlord, you are going to lose either way. start the eviction immediately, that is the only way to get them out and get a good tenant. The local sheriff can do nothing with our a court order. Keep in mind that you are going to have court costs, loss of rent and probable damage. You may want to add these costs up and see if costs more to evict them. This also goes back to your screening process when you first rented to them. If they have bad credit they may not care about their credit rating and a judgement . Most likely, they will not show up in court, do a "midnight moveout" and you will be unable to find them again.  You may never collect a cent from them but spend a lot of time and money to try.  I have had tenants that I have paid to leave. $100 to $500 usually works. I have them sign a letter stating they are willingly leaving and I dont give them a cent until all their stuff is out and there is no damage. Without some type of agreement, hard evictions usually result in damage to the unit.  

Hello Lisalandlord, sometimes ...

Hello Lisalandlord, sometimes it helps to have the local sheriff with you when you evict these people. And try to sue them for breach of contract, maybe garnish wages or negotiate a payment plan in the courts. They seem like their behavior is very disturbing and unethical. Good luck Rich

I've managed 15 houses for 8 y...

I've managed 15 houses for 8 years, and I have experienced your predicament one time. You are going to lose money either way, so you might as well choose the option that you have control over, which is, eviction. Start the formal process immediately, and do it properly so you don't lose time. The worst thing would be if you made a mistake and had to start over. If your tenants had anything "real" to offer, they would just pay some rent, instead of stringing you along. Once you are prepared to evict, there is nothing to negotiate. Just start the process--no need to wrangle with them or their attorney (that may or may not exist.) Experienced tenants know that they can cause a delay in an eviction if they can get you to except a partial payment. Don't fall in to that trap because you will have to start the eviction from scratch again when they don't follow through--after making that partial payment. Once an eviction starts, it's important to power through it without losing any time. When the dust settles, they will most likely owe you more money than their security deposit will cover. Follow up immediately with a small claims suit to recover the remaining money owed. You've gone this far, you might as well try to get it all. Even if you successfully get two judgements against them (one eviction judgement and one small claims judgement), you still have to collect. You can either wait it out and hope they pay you down the road after they get tired of having these judgements on their credit record. Or, you can give the judgements to a collection agency for faster action (but costly). The bottom line is, you are going to have to choose between several bad options. Don't fall for the carrot that is being dangled in front of your nose by someone you don't trust and have no respect for. (I am not an attorney. This is my personal opinion based on experience, and not legal advice.) --Don Karstedt, Real Estate Broker

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