Heater problems, rent increases, and late payments

My tenant texted me on October 9th and said the heater was broken and the kitchen sink pipe was leaking.  I called around and was able to find someone to look at both on October 17th.  He fixed the sink that day, but I ended up replacing the heater which he installed October 25th.  My tenant has now requested that I help pay her electric bill because she had to use an electric heater while the wall heater was down  and the bill is $300.00.  October 20th when I called her to come by and look at some other things she said she had a house full of company and could I reschedule.  I believe her guest ran up her electric bill.  Should I help with the bill? This same tenant has lived there for 2 years.  She is section 8 and never pays here portion on time.  I sent her a rent increase last year, but she has never paid the increase.  What should I do?

What agreements do you have in...

What agreements do you have in your signed lease with them?  Do you have a desposit of theirs that you can keep?  If they owe you money and they skipped then the only thing you can do is file a police report for fraud and hope they can find them.

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