How to blacklist a bad tenant

Tenant owe 7 months rent April- Oct 2014. Initially tenant rented only 3 bd w/ 850 sf for $1500/m but after 18 months of paying late complained to HUD and LADBS about illegal duplex. In June 2014 per order from LADBS partitions were removed and all other tenants vacated. SFH is NOW LEGAL and NOT RENT CONTROL since June w/ COC. Since june tenant occupies the whole 2000 sf 6-BEDRM house with 7000 sf lot all to himself and still wont pay. Landlord advised tenant that since June rent is now $3000/m and he must pay all utilities because he is no longer sharing with other tenants and is abusing ( 500/month)utilities, Alas, Landlord lawyer delayed and used $1400 per month in UD to assure win making the back rent only $9,800 instead of $24,500 for 7 months of rent and utilities.. Can landlord pursue $3000 /month plus utilities in another civil or small claims? How do i blacklist this tenant. this tenant was already evicted before and I am the 2nd landlord to be victimized. Unfortunately landlord was a novice before but now learn his lesson and does not want other landlord to be victimized.

National Tenant

There is a national tenant network where you can list experience with bad tenants.

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