I suspect the teant is dealing drugs from the property

One of my tenants in a duplex wants to move out because she suspects the other tenant is dealing drugs. There seems to be constant traffic and people coming in and out of the other unit at all times of the day, noises, etc. A previous tenant had also complained. I don't live near by so I cannot keep and eye on things myself. I have a very detailed contract and it does mention illegal activity and the right to quiet enjoyment of the property, but how do I handle this if I have no proof? Should I inform the police for them to be on the lookout? What can I do? Any advice will be apreciatted. Thanks!

I think you are on the right t...

I think you are on the right track with the BBB, or at least the threat of a BBB complaint. Many "local" merchants like property managers are very reliant on their local reputation and probably take the BBB seriously. You might also take a closer look at your contract with them and what it specifies about this, if anything. Its possible that there is a clause in there somewhere about ermination and return of funds and what your recourse is once contract is over. 

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