I am a new landlord with 3 rental homes,plus my home and cars.. in Il and I have Country  as my provider.. I recieved a notice that I need to provide my lease agreement to my agent to prove the homes were rented.. One home I bought last year and did not get this request.. I bought 2 more homes this year in the end of July and Aug.. and both needed upgrades but the  July home was rented in 2 weeks .. we barely had time to make it the way I wanted it.. the next home was bought  Aug 28 was foreclosure. and needed much more work to bring up to what I want it to look like..It is currently under contract to rent to be ready by Nov1.. If it makes any difference.. 2 homes I paid cash one I financed for some tax breaks.. Even the bank doesn't ask me for my rental contracts.. my agent knows I am using the homes as income property.. and the policy reflect that.. I asked several other landlords I have come to know...spend enough time at Home Depot and Meanrds you tend run into the same people doing the same thing and get to talking.. no landlord I have spoken to has had to show their lease.. For me  my lease has an Att A on it where everyone in the house provides all the personal info I require and that is also the page they sign .. I told my agent that I would have to totally black out the whole page .. because my tenants personal info is none of the Country business and is totally private... so have any other landlords here had to do this.. If not I will be looking for new insurance.. I have been with Country for 5 years.. and I know it pays to shop around.. but insurance is such a pain... and finding the right company is hard.. I have had State Farm and All State.. hate AllState would not give that company a dime to save my life.. but that would be another article   Thanks in advance for helping!!

Hi there. Thanks for using our...

Hi there. Thanks for using our service. You do not see the SSN or Date of Birth of the tenant during this type of screening process. You will get a lot of information about them see the sample report here: This is also a "soft pull" which means that it will not be reflected and an inquiry on their credit so it will not do anything to harm their credit the next time they try to apply for credit. Hope this helps, please email us at or use the Live Chat feature on the site if you need additional help.

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