Late Registering Tenancy Deposit Scheme & End of Tenancy

Please can someone shed some light on my question for me??? I was outside of the 30 days given to register my tenants deposit with an appropriate scheme by 26 days!. However I have now done so.My tenants have been given a 6 months shorthold tenancy agreement of which they are just under 2 month into (they still have 4 months left). I have nothing but trouble form them and I am not intending to renew their contract after the 6 months. However, I am really unsure what I have to do in terms of giving notice to them. Do I have to serve them a 2 months notice under section 21? and if so where do I stand in terms of me registering the deposit late as I have read that I cannot use section 21 if  the deposit is late

Thanks. The girl is gone but I...

Thanks. The girl is gone but I believe she had a key. That is why I want to change the locks but I will check with my tenant. In the meantime, I want to get names of some lawyers so thanks for the info.

we had similar situation happe...

we had similar situation happen with our house...  it depends on what your lease says... but  I see it fair to have them pay the rent until you have new renters in, also they are liable to pay utilities, water in home while it's vacant....  As far as them getting security deposit back.... they have broken a contract and it cost landlords  money every time our property changes hands... not to mention our TIME!!!! this is what renters dont understand....  so...... It's really up to you... but the company should pick up the tab if they are moving because of the job....  think about this... does the company want to hire someone who isn't keeping thier responsibilty on a legal signed contract???  if person does it to you, who's to say they wont leave their company "high n dry"  it's all about character and committment...   a long lost virtue to most these days... sad to say that but....  Hope this helps... and good luck with it.

You are probably not far enoug...

You are probably not far enough along to change the locks or file for eviction. I would send a follow-up letter referencing your previous one, and stating that he has not complied with it, is not in default of the lease and may be evicted unless he complies immediately. If that does not work, then I think you have enough ammo to start eviction proceedings. One disclaimer is that I obviously have not seen your lease so I am assuming that it has the correct language etc. You should be able to find a reputable lawyer in your area who specializes in multi-family real estate law who can help you through this and make sure that you are doing it all corectly. You might start with your local BBB or state real estate commission to find a list of lawyers in your area. 

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