Lease Termination - Florida

We are allowing our tenants to break their lease.  What is standard concerning their security deposit in Florida?

I agree with Connie here. You ...

I agree with Connie here. You should check you local and state tenancy laws to see if this person is considered a tenant because of his paying rent and living on the premises. Knowing that will allow you to make a decision about how to potentially remove him.

If you are on a month to month...

If you are on a month to month lease and only your name is on the lease.. and the room mate has lived there ( and this may vary state to state)  over 30 days and paying rent he is considered a tenant... but with no lease.. so you may need to check with your local county on rules and regulations on the 30 day rule.. however if he is doing illegal actions.. and you can prove it you can have the police remove him by way of a  restraining order...other wise you need to get legal papers to evict him.. your local courthouse can help you do this without a lawyer also the net is a great source of info in your state on regulations of evictions.. and next time you take on a roommate make them sign a lease agreement or have your landlord put them on the lease and the landlord can take care of evicting a bad room along as your room mate pays rent they have the same rights to residence as you do..

It is a month to month lease. ...

It is a month to month lease. He is just a roomate in the house. He was disturbing the house and the peace in the neighborhood, the police were called.  When he s drunk he is threatning. We live in Calif.

A couple of questions for you:...

A couple of questions for you: Do you have a lease (sublease) with him or is this just a verbal agreement? Your lease would determine the moveout and time perameters if you have one. Is he the owner of the property or s he renting from a third-party owner?Lastly, one thing that might come into play is that if he is doing something illegal or threatening it might provide you with additional rights in your state.

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