Leaser Cut down nearly all my bamboo

In Gresam, Oregon, I have bamboo growing alongside the driveway of my rental property.  The leaser has compalined a ocuple of times that it's a nuisance to him after it has rained and the bamboo hangs over the parking area and gets him wet when he gets out of the car.  I made no mention of lawn care or landscaping in the lease (I will next time) so I trimmed the bamboo myself and heard nothing back from him.  Two months later I've checked in on the property to find 80% of the bamboo has been cut to ground level.  I'd been planning on digging it up and moving it into pots in a new location.   So I'm wondering, in Oregon, can a renter alter the landscape like that?  This is not an invasive and fast growing bamboo.  It will take 3-5 seasons to recover. Thanks, Mike

It depends heavily on what the...

It depends heavily on what the lease says specifically but in most cases there is a provision that the tenant has to take reasonable care of the property. Unless there is real vandalism type damage it seems unlikely that you would be able evict them, but you would very likely be able to push more of the cost to repair onto them. What state are you in? I can take a quick look at the standard lease for that state. You might also take a look at the righ sidebar on at our state specific tenant laws.Thanks. 

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