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I gave a 30day notice to a roomate to move out. The next day I had to call the police because h he was disturbing the peace in the house and the neighborhood at 200am he wouldn't go to his room and settle down like previous times. I did warn him that he would be given a 30 day notice if his behavior persisted. Instead of looking for a place he goes to work and then goes to the neighborhood bar and drinks til 2am and then comes home and wakes everyone in the house beofre going to his room. Do I have to wait the 30 days or can I give him 3 days . 

In my experience, I have also ...

In my experience, I have also never had to provide tenant information in order to get landlord insurance. Generally speaking landlord insurance is similar to standard homowners insurance for the structure, but provides less coverage of the contents of the house and more coverage for liability. If they are asking you for a lease are they also saying that they would not insure the rental unit if it were vacant? That makes little sense to me. I would shop around, and/or make sure that your agent is providing you with the correct type of coverage.

A couple of questions for you:...

A couple of questions for you: Do you have a lease (sublease) with him or is this just a verbal agreement? Your lease would determine the moveout and time perameters if you have one. Is he the owner of the property or s he renting from a third-party owner. Lastly, one thing that might come into play is that if he is doing something illegal or threatening it might provide you with additional rights in your state. 

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