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I have a tenant who is month to month. Several tenants have complained about the excessive barking from his dog. I sent him a notice a year ago, and he said he would try and rectify the problem. In January 2015, I received another complaint. In Feb. I informed him that he either gets rid of the dog, or he has 60 days to move out. He agreed to move. Two weeks after this notification a water heater burst in the apartment upstairs destroying the downstairs tenant's kitchen. He says he is looking for an apartment, but it has been 4 months! In the meantime, due to the insurance company's delay in processing the claim I am just about ready to start rehabing the kitchen. Can I do this while he is still in the apartment? He also called the city to inspect and now the apartment is declared uninhabitable! Is it time to call a lawyer? Can I do an eviction by myself??

lease renewal

How many days notice should I give for non renewal of rental lease? The property is in CT.

$$$ makes people go away

The cost of an eviction, time and $$$, can be a lot. And a lot of headaches. If you can afford to give him money to leave, that often works, and can be less than the cost of eviction. If the place is uninhabitable, you may be in line for fines from the building department. I hope you already solved this satisfactorily...

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