Non renewal of lease

I manage a single family home for an ex girlfriend who lives in another state. I have a tenant who signed a lease that expires in September and then converts to a month to month lease. Needless to say it has not been a pleasant year with this tenant as his work schedule requires he be up at 2:30 AM which wakes my dogs which wakes me and has caused a hardship whereas I am up at 3:30 each morning because I cannot get back to sleep. There is no accommodation that can be made because of how the house is set up to help remedy the situation. In addition, he does not clean nor clean up after himself in the kitchen or bathroom. His room is wall to wall clutter/hoarder and a finished basement area is often with food left hanging around, etc. He has also mistreated my dogs who have a medical condition by holding their mouth or snout together closed. I am wondering because this tenant is not a good fit if at the end of the year lease of which was signed can be terminated/not renewed with a 30 day notice. I live in the state of Maine and have read the law but it was not clear as to what rights I have here in this situation. I am not inclined to really wanting him to stay as we really do not get along due to the issues stated here.

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