Not sure who is responsible

I have a tenant that didn't report a leaking toilet. He put a bucket under the slow leak & left the condo & the bucket overflowed. This resulted in another unit's ceiling being damaged.
I'm not sure if I'm responsible for the repairs or if the tenant is, due to not informing me. I found out the details of the issue when the owner of the damaged unit called me & I had to reach out to the tenant since the other owner couldn't make contact.
Am I responsible for everything or just the toilet & he's responsible for the ceiling??

Not sure who is responsible

Greetings! And funny you should ask...
The tenant is responsible for all damages he caused as a result of negligence, under the basic rules of the lease (care and good order of the unit, etc). So now it's just a matter of repairs.

Talk to your insurance company company on liability for the damage and repairs to the other unit and cost of repairs. Hopefully it covers everything. Whatever isn't covered is your expense and tax deduction for damages

Then, assess how much to assess the own lease limits the amount of liability I can assess, so check your lease for specifics. Also, wouldn't hurt to consult your housing manager or an attorney on the limits of liability.

What may be a good compromise, particularly if the tenant has been good up to this point, is for the tenant to pay the deductible (i.e., the amount you would've paid and insurance will not cover) and insurance to cover the rest. Keeps everyone happy and hopefully, the tenant will learn their lesson.

Oh...and don't forget to fix the slow leak in the toilet and have the tenant pay for that too. ;o)

Let me know if you already have a solution. always good to share these things!

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