One Lease - Two Tenants - One Tenant wants Out Before Lease is Up

I have a situation where two tenants signed a one year lease in February in Los Angeles. It is now the end of June. Now one of the tenants is moving out and wants to be removed from the lease. He is forfeiting his half of the Security Deposit.
I have done a Lease Termination Agreement for him for all of us to sign but the other tenant will not sign it.
Can I do a Termination Lease Agreement for him without having the other tenant's signature?
I am concerned that the other tenant will say that she never agreed to having the other tenant move out and will only pay her half of the rent or is unable to pay the rent in full by herself.

Joint and Several Liability

If your lease calls for joint and several liability, the remaining tenant could be responsible for all the rent should you allow the other occupant to vacate. This would also require consent from all parties involved.

I suggest you get consent from both occupants or do not release anybody from liability. It may be a good idea to suggest they find an agreeable replacement for the outgoing resident.

Thank You For Your Response


Thank you for your response regarding the two tenants, one lease situation. It worked out exactly as you suggested. The one tenant moved out and the other tenant is still occupying the unit and paying the full rent amount. I have advised both tenants that they are both still jointly and severally liable for complying with the lease until it expires in February as they did not sign the lease termination agreement releasing the tenant that moved out.

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