One of Two Tenants Moving Out with Eight Months left on lease

One of the roommates was not getting along with the other, and decided to move out prior to the end of the lease.  A new roommate has been checked out and approved.  Should I use an addendum to add the new roommate, or have them both sign a new lease for the remainder of the time left on the current lease?

The first thing I do in all ci...

The first thing I do in all cirumstances is go into the property yourself at least once a month. And if you strongly suspect but cannot prove it, do not renew their lease. I go in to change the air filters and make sure things are ok. if you aren't around your property mgr should be doing this for you. If you don't want to just not renew the lease then double the rent. You can come up with something.

Some utilities will put up fak...

Some utilities will put up fake cameras for you for a small charge. If you can do this and send a memo to tennants saying a camera has been installed and license plates and activity are being noted and sent to authorities that may scare them away. You should let the authorites know if it does.

If you are going to make any r...

If you are going to make any real move here, it seems that you are going to need proof of some kind that illegal activity is occurring. I would consider at least sending a warning letter regarding late night noises etc just you have that documented, but if the plan to remove this tenant somehow then I would guess that having the authorities involved will be a necessity. You might leverage the other tenant in that conversation and together make an approach to the police in which she is providing the details of her suspicions and you are the concerned third party. Unfortunately that is the best I can do, feel free to add to this if there are further questions. 

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