our prev contract w property mgr- we didn't renew it and having problems getting info from him

we have a home in Colorado that had been managed by prop mgr until last week when our 1 yr contact ended w/ prop mgr... we weren't happy with the service so decided not to renew contract...  now he's not communicating with me regarding status of renters security deposit,   contract expired 10 jan so it's just last Friday but I feel we should have security deposit right away...but we are overseas so he says he has to mail it...  anyone been in this predicament before ...where prop mgr is mad cause you're not renewing contract w/ them so they are not communicating w/ you regarding the funds they have on your behalf.  As I said we live overseas and this I think is the problem... they know we cant do a whole lot being for far (across the ocean- away)  Just really makes me angry.  I thought of makeing complaint to better business bureau but need to get our funds back prior to stirring it up that way.  please advise if you've been in this (or similar) situation... if we have to we will hire lawyer to write letter...

Most Tenant Screening services...

Most Tenant Screening services (like ours) are moving towards and email based system in which the tenant has to be in contact online with the Credit Reporting Agency. If they can get online at all (but just don't have email) feel free to contact us at info@landlordstation.com and we will help you with a workaround. Thanks. 

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