Property Management Dispute

I own an apartment unit and my property management is treating us unfairly. Incidents leading us to believe that property management is treating unfairly:
1. When we moved in, they yelled at us and stopped the renovation work, claiming that we need a permit when actually, the town law changed six months ago that minor work does not require a permit. They continued to yell at us until the Townhall spoke to them directly (the town hall felt they were being ridiculous as well).
2. We saw many pets in the apartment and my parents visited with their dog and the property supervisor said no pet is allowed. (He for sure knows that other tenants own pets).
3. The management newly installed Verizon Fios in the building and when they mounted the wires, we found that our wall had a crack. We complained, and they denied it completely.
4. Our door is right in front of the elevator and the apartment provides carts for the tenants. Because the hallway is tight, our neighbors often hit the carts on our door. We did not mind minor bumps here and there, but the property manager charged us to re-paint our door. We are being generous for the convenience of others and they are holding it against us.

What can I do to confront them so that they stop treating us ridiculously? I see that some of the residents lived here a very long time and they are very flexible to them and strict on the new homeowners.

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