Renters now devorced

They have been on month to month since the end the first year lease.  I am concerned that he can not afford the total costs of rent/utilities.  She has a much larger income than he does.  I am also concerned about the property being taken care of propery now. My questions are:  1)  Were they obligated to inform me about their separation situation in the spring and coresponding change in finances. 2)  So far he has not answered his cell when i call and i am concerned about his reliability to follow through on his responsibilities.  Do i have any recourse to this non-communication, if the rent shows up in the next day or two other than to tack on the $35.00 late fee on the next bill. 3) Is she still responsible for anything since she only informed me today (Nov 5th) via email. I am extremely nervouis about the situation and any advise would be greatly appreciated

Sorry for the delay in replyin...

Sorry for the delay in replying. You need to get someone in your are who is an expert on mold conditions to take a look at this immediately if you have not already. Black mold can be a serious problem with lasting effects. You have some plausible deniability for the time prior to your knowledge of it but once you are notified it is up to you to respond quickly. 

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