Scep Fees

How do Landlords collect Scep fees? Is it best to collect it every month and if so how do you deal with the under/over payments?

Our association just said a so...

Our association just said a soft surface must be used.  We put down a really good underlayment and used vinyl planks.  Looks great and is quiet. Moisture resistent, too

This is a tough question witho...

This is a tough question without knowing the inner workings of your HOA, and the reasons for the carpet only rule. If the HOA does inspections for things like this and tends to take rules like this seriously, then I would probably ask their permission and give very clear reasons why it is necessary. If the HOA is looser about such things then you can probably proceed with the change, but I would definitely tread lightly. Its never good practice to get on the wrong side of the HOA when they control so much of what goes on. 

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