Should I sign this lease in FL - pool green and inground pool vinyl pulling away from wall

Hello! My family is getting ready to rent a house owned and managed by a property management company that operates a few hours away and covers all of their properties in the state. The location and size of the house is ideal, but the rent is definitely a premium for the area. The property advertises a pool but the current condition of the pool is very green and murky with vinyl liner of this inground pool pulling away from the edges and a broken, jagged ladder. For the month prior to our lease signing date, we have been told that the pool would be fixed and that it is a process and that it would be ready for swimming ASAP, if not by the lease date, then certainly within a couple to a few weeks. No one has given a definitive timeline, however, and I'm not sure they could. This is an addition to the yard being unruly but with the expectation we are responsible for yard maintenance (maintenance of the status quo would get us a code violation from the city and certainly a fine from the HOA). We really want this house, but feel foolish signing a lease tomorrow with the pool in its current condition. The management company says we need to sign or they will move on - which they probably could in this market right before school starts. Any advice? (FL)

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