Son Renting House

if my son is renting our house and he wont pay the rent and we have no contract and I has been over 12 months can we just kick him out? We need to move back into the house we can not support two households anymore.

This is going to be highly dep...

This is going to be highly dependent on where you are and what the local or state eviction and squatters laws are. In most cases if someone is not paying you rent for a property that you own, then you can follow the normal chanels for your jurisdiction to begin exiction proceedings. In some states such as Texas this is a pretty short process, in others like California it can take a while.  Not having a lease is never a good idea incidentally, even when dealing with family or friends. In the long run it could be as much of a problem for him as it is for you that there is no lease, but in the future I would definitely use one even if it is just the standard one from your state. 

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