Squatter Laws in PA

I have a family member living in my basement for years now, I have asked her to kindly move. She is refusing to leave. We have never had a lease, she does not pay a cent and lives for free. Is this considered a squatter? If shes, what would be my first step to evict her? Isn't a squatter someone that moves into a vacant/unoccupied property? Help Please.

how to eject

thinking of purchasing a foreclosed property from the bank in phila. pa. The problem is the people that lost the house are still living there. So if we buy according to the realtor, we have to get these people ejected, I think he used this word, instead of evicted? Is he correct? What can we do . What steps can we take? We are willing to go through the steps , but what are they? The realtor representing the bank seemed very disinterested in our interest. He told us that there are 15 or more interested parties that want to offer close to asking price but because those people are still there, that could be a problem.... So, trying to be positive but what are the steps to take first? 1. Talk to bank directly and ask them, but they referred us to this realtor guy selling on there behalf..? what is correct? thank you.....

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