A friend needed a place to stay for 2 weeks, my Moms house was available. I let them stay, The 2 weeks is turning into 5 months. They pay nothing...no rent and no utilities.
I told them on May 23 they would need to find another place, they were advised I needed the house back on 7-15 for my daughter to move in. On 7-13 they advised they could not move out until 7-31. On 7-28 they sent a text say now can not move until 8-21, do not call or text or come over, . The key will be under the mat on the 21st. saying "we know our rights under the law, don't start trouble, the court will tell us we can stay until we want to leave, it will cost you. They also say they have receipts for work they did to house however I gave them the money for that work. How do I get these losers out of the house. Lesson learned don't be nice. Any help or education will be greatly appreciated. I am in Phoenix, Arizona

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