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What do you do if your tenants don't respect you as the landlord? Our new tenants initially told us they were going to have a security system installed in our home. This was a week before their tenancy began, but after the lease was signed. They never asked us if it was okay, and even scheduled a contractor to come in and look at the house before they were to move in. Only when my husband pointed out that they needed our okay, according to the lease, did they back down. They proceeded to retain an attorney to "communicate" with us, and to pay their rent. The attorney has, in writing, instructed us not to contact the tenant directly, except to schedule repairs, and then it can only be a cc through email. The attorney tried to convince us to allow the security system, and now is trying to negotiate a laundry list of items the tenants want done on the house. What the heck do we do with this? Are we legally obligated to handle this according to the directions of the tenant and attorney? No lawsuit has been filed. The house is high end, but 54 years old with original fixtures, and we advertised it as such. We invested about $33,000 in renovations before these tenants moved in. Thanks in advance for your time

You are not obligated to compl...

You are not obligated to comply with anything that is not in the lease. So contacting the tenants etc is well within your rights. I would however tread lightly here. The sorts of people who hire lawyers to make their demands often come with a lawsuit in the not too distant future.  My gut says to play nice for the time-being while holding your ground on things that are important to you. If they do something that is outside of what is permitted in the lease (even if its small)then make sure to give WRITTEN notice every time. And you might have your lawyer do it just to be sure all the i's are dotted. 

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