Tenant moved out left her stuff

We had a tenat leave and owes around $1600 in bills. She left all belongings and said in the last message from her to keep her stuff. She left on Septermber 1st and has not been back. She does not plan on being back until after October. Can we get rid of her stuff. It is taking up space for another tenant?

If the window poses a safety i...

If the window poses a safety issues... where it may fall down on a hand or  body.. then I think the landlord should make the  window safe..  if the cost is to high a not so good landlord may make it so the window will not open at all.. one way to keep a window safe would be to put in those screens that expand to fit in a window opening even tho you may already have a screen.. buy using this it shows people in the home that the window is being held open in secure way.. they are only about $6.. and are safer then a stick. that a child may knock down and then have the window slam down fast and either break or hurt someone.. in an older home sometimes the cost to repair old windows is huge.. and many landlords will not invest in their place for various reasons.. good or bad.. so try to make your  area safe while waiting for the landlord to respond..

I am a landlord.And I lease ho...

I am a landlord.And I lease homes. All homes come with appliances as an extra but are not part of the lease.. Many homes the tenant brings their own appliances.. I allow use of the appliances.. And expect them to be cared for  if being used.. I take it on  a case by case .. If something goes wrong.. If I think the problem was due to mis use I will not fix them and I expect the tenant in good faith to repair what they were allowed to use... Not having to buy appliances helps tenant afford moving in to a new place... None of the appliances in my home are old and are serviced to make sure they are in good repair prior to renting.. All of this info is written into the lease.. So all know up front.. If any tenant is confused what they need.. just ask the landlord.. . they may fix it.. for me however the furnace and hot water heater are part of the lease and if something goes wrong  it is for me to fix.. as long as there was not intentional force from tenant to put them in a non working condition..

How does the rest of the lease...

How does the rest of the lease set up in terms of maintenance? Is it the lanlord's responsibility to maintain the residence (HVAC, pipes, etc) or does some of the maintenance fall to the tenant?

Whose responsibility it is to ...

Whose responsibility it is to fix a washing machine? It came with the house and the lease does not stipulate anything in this regards.

It is probably not your "respo...

It is probably not your "resposibility" but if you want them fixed it might be easiest if you do it yourself. Sometimes the practical solution is not necessarily the legal one. 

I think everyone in life has h...

I think everyone in life has had to at one time or another put a stick in the window to keep it open.  Some older homes have windows that just like to keep slipping down.  If the landlord takes care of other repairs and your happy there, don't make an issue of a window not staying all the way open. 

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