Tenant violated lease

My tenant in California, who has been on a month to month lease sine 5/2008, has violated the lease by having a fire in the yard, which is against the county ordinance. He has done this in the past, and I have given him warnings verbally and by email that he needs to stop. I think I am no longer required to give him 60 days notice to move, and can serve him a 3 day notice to move for violating the lease? Is this true even if I didn't give him a written warning to stop fires, (does email count as written?) If I want to give him extra time, say 30 days, how would i do that?

You are likely still obligated...

You are likely still obligated to give whatever notice is required in the lease, unless the lease specifically states a different time-frame for removal based on breaking the law.  Unless the lease speicifally states that certain things are grounds for eviction and lays out the process for that eviction, you should probably just give standard notice. I would at the same time however make separate notice that this is unnaccetptable behavior etc. All notices should be in writing and email does count as written in all jurisdictions that I am aware of.

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