Tenant Wants to Terminate Lease Early w/o Paying Fee

One of my tenants wants to terminate their lease early. In the lease, it is stated that an early termination fee must be paid if the tenant moves out prior to the lease ending. This tenant did not initial every line they were supposed to in the lease but they did sign at the end of the lease and at the bottom of each page. Will this effect their termination fee in any way since they did not inital that part of the lease? They are trying to fight paying the termination fee. Any advice will be great. Thanks!

Depending on the amount I woul...

Depending on the amount I wouldn't bother.  If the amount was really high, then a collection agency or even a legal judgement is in order.  However, I would just take it out of the deposit to cover the tenants obligations including the missing rent and NSF fee.  I have revolving door apartments and am constantly chasing money legally.  If you want to go the legal collection route, then you will need a judgment.  If we are talking a few hundred bucks, save yourself the time and take it ouf of the deposit and move on. 

There are rent collection serv...

There are rent collection services in most major cities (you can probably just Google rent collection agency + your city) and find some. Many of them woll work on a contingency so if they don't collect anything you don't pay anything. Just an FYI that you will need to have your documentation in order in terms of the lease, any written agreements with the tenant, the bounced check etc. The collections groups will be oretty meticulous in making sure you have a valid claim before they spend time trying to recover. Hope it works out. 

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