The landlord didn't own property

I have been rent a property eight months of those months the new has owed for one month and half. Is she entitled to all of Mays rent. I was told that she wasn't because she took over the property around may 17th.

That should be between the old...

That should be between the old owner and the new owner. If done properly they would have prorated the already paid rent down to the day of closing and divided it up themselves. As long as you paid the rent that you owed to the person who was the landlord at the time the rent was due you should be fine. 

The purchase contract should a...

The purchase contract should address this. If you paid the rent when due to the owner at that time, as another responder said, you should be fine and it shouldnt be your problem. If the rent was unpaid when the new owner took posession, I would demonstrate my readiness to pay rent but ask for instructions from each owner that agree on who is due that rent.

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