Unauthorized damaging property n collecting rents

Renting my mother's home after relocating her closer to me, the tenants moved out rent unpaid, property damaged and taking items not theirs. June 22, 2018.
Verbal agreement for a local woman to caretake property until next tenant could take possession. When new tenant arrived to move in caretaker had moved in unauthorized. July1, 2018.
Numerous offers to pay rent verses move out made and never honored up until January17, 2019. Return to property to find uninhabitable due to no water, infestions of roaches and rodents, power in the name of person living in different village and under duress, once pristine property filthy and damaged including broken windows, urine soaked carpets, illegal drug activities, and additional unauthorized occupants and pets.
Unauthorized #1 moved two additional people in, charging rents, and having paid owner zero in rents since June 2018, over 8 months.
January17, 2019 posted intent to sell property, 5 day notice to vacate due to non payment of rents and illegal activities. Suicide plans texted prompting owner to do well check. No answer, owner let self in under idea of emergency situation, unauthorized had owner arrested for criminal trespassing and filed restraining order preventing even presence on property.

February4, 2019 unauthorized#1 arrested for possession of meth remains in custody. Can I retake possession of house while she's in custody? Illinois has illegal activity 5 day evict but she has zero right of possession paid zero rents, collected rents leaving elderly mother unpaid while profiting on property, and property technically uninhabitable.

Unauthorized#2 was disabled and authorities stepped in relocating him.

Unauthorized #3 is reported to still be staying there minus electricity and water, minus permission any possession agreement, rents paid, or contact with owner to make any arrangements.

Buyer for property as is waiting to finalize purchase and begin repairs. What are options in Illinois?

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