Using tile instead of carpet

I live on the third floor on PCH  facing the ocean , I get a lot of moisture from the sea breeze, I have a lot of problems with molds because of the humidity . THE association requires that we should use carpets only . The tile co. Recommends  to use tile and also to install sound barrier to cut down on sound to the bottom floor . The tile will prevent the growth of mold , and it would be a better choice than carpet . can I go a head with the tile and apply the sound barrier without the board approval ? THANK YOU  

1. Generally if you find a new...

1. Generally if you find a new tenant for the space the old tenant is released from their obligations on the property since you can't have two dofferent leases on the same space, you essentially end the first one at the time the second one starts.  2. Depending on the language in the lease the security deposit can be used to cover losses from the tenant not fulfilling their obligations on the lease. This could be missed rent but also things like the cost of re-tenanting.  3. Yes, if the lease states that the tenant's obligations are to pay utilities etc for the duration of the lease then they are obligated to do that whether they are occupying the unit or not.  What many do in this situation is to make an agreement with the tenant that the landlord will marrket the property for lease and that the tenant is on the hook until the lease with a new tenant is found. 

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