5 Tips to keep your properties filled

I know  I'm alwyas looking for ways to keep my properties filled. Though you might be up for some advice on it too: http://www.reiclub.com/realestateblog/5-tips-to-keep-your-properties-filled/?utm_source=feedburner&u...

In Florida Section 8 has rent ...

In Florida Section 8 has rent maximums based on numbers of bedrooms in the property. As long as the lease complies with those limits, I have not experienced any changes in "total rent". The "total rent" payment is composed of the portion the State pays and the portion the tenant is responsible for. In this Program the tenant needs to go through a renewal process every year. Base on income and certain parameters the portion that the tenant pays may change and you would have to accept it. If the tenant cannot pay you the new portion because its higher, its really up to you not to charge him the difference. Section 8 doesn't care if you don't charge part or all of tenants portion, but will kick you out of the program if you overcharge. Hope this helps you out.

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