Does anyone use Craigslist to market?

Absolutely. It is very effecti...

Absolutely. It is very effective. Maybe ask Justin Thomas, Jamesb, red Torino, - some great authors to share with you or everyone some templates. Justin has great posts on advertising- - run a search on that key word

Great! Thank you. I'll make su...

Great! Thank you. I'll make sure to look them up :)

If you have more questions aft...

If you have more questions after searching - let me know and hopefully I can help

One of the things to watch for...

One of the things to watch for on Craigslist is how you get your listings on there. I don't know how many units you have but Craigslist frowns on some automated listing methods and can blacklist you if they think you are breaching their rules of postings. One thing to look for are syndicated marketing companies that might include Craigslist as a partner. That way you stay within the boundaries. If you only have a couple of units it should not be a problem anyway. Another thing you might consider is to grab a somewhat anonomous gmail address for use specifically on Craigslist. It makes it easier to be secure and if you start getting spammed etc from your psotings you can just kill that email and start a new one and you haven't compromised your personal email. 

You must monitor Craigslist fo...

You must monitor Craigslist for fraud ad's for your property.  Every time I post an online ad on any site including Craigslist another duplicate post ie same description and photo's pop's up with a rent amount 1/2 of the real rent and a phone number that gets you to a guy that will "send you the keys" after you wire him the money.... I mark these as fraud but it has taken several weeks in some cases to get them removed.  If anyone has found a way around this issue I would love to hear about it.  Take care

Yes, we've been posting on Cra...

Yes, we've been posting on Craigslist for a few months now and have had great success.  We have been averaging 2-3 responses within a week of posting, and have successfully found tenants.  Also reduces the number of calls we get as photos, details, and rent are all listed (as opposed to a "For Rent" sign we have posted on the property).  This is in the Dallas area.  As others have said, follow the Craigslist posting guidelines so you do not get flagged. 

Yes! That's where we found our...

Yes! That's where we found our tenants for both of our properties. It can be a little difficult since there's so much spam, but since it's free, it's a great resource. 

We have had success with Craig...

We have had success with Craigslist as well to find tenants. It is easy to use and free, which is very nice!

Lots of traffic

When I first decided to try CL, my phone was jumping off the hook! 90% of my leads are from CL. Like previous stated you must monitor your ad for fraud. I had an issue with that once.

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