Has anyone ever tried upping the security deposit for pets instead of charging two seperate fees (as in a security deoposit and a pet deposit)? Has that worked well for anyone?

Yes.  And I have had success w...

Yes.  And I have had success with that.  I think people underestimate the volaume of incidental damage that a pet will cause to the property, and underestimate the owner's willingness to spend on their pet as well.  I typically charge $500 min. for a pet of any kind as a deposit, and up to half of the original security deposit (or one month's rent as standard) for a large animal.  I take this extra charge and lump it into the original deposit so there is one.

I believe that in my area (and...

I believe that in my area (and therefore likely in others) there is a limit on the security deposit. In my area the limit is an amount equal to two months rent so be sure not to run afoul of this!

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