Is it illegal to not rent to someone because of their profession?

I've had a *really* bad experience with a lawyer as a tenant and now I have another lawyer applying for my property. Is it legal to deny her based on her profession? I really just don't want to deal with the hassel that comes with a lot of lawyers as tenants....

This is a really interesting q...

This is a really interesting question. I believe this to be a very state specific issue because some states have much more stringent definitions of equal housing. I would maybe try to reference your local or state chapter of the National Apartment Association (the Houston Apartment Association for instance) for an answer to this. In my state I believe it is only race, religion etc that you can't turn someone down for, and I don't think denial based on profession is a problem. That being said it might be different in your state. Sorry I don't have a better answer.

This post may offend some or g...

This post may offend some or get moderated off.. But let's be honest. Your rental is your livelihood, an investment and you have the right to ensure its a cash cow and should be very particular on who you rent too. Notice I said particular and not discriminate. It's income requirement - not profession! You can deny based on income qualification and require they make 3x the monthly payment. Move the discussion off race, profession, to the true reason they are getting denied. Does that help?

James - Thanks! I'll definatel...

James - Thanks! I'll definately look into the Apartment Association. That's a really good idea Mrs.Monopoly - That's a really good point. Thanks for the insight!

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