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Hello, I recently acquired a house that has an in-laws quarters which will be rented out separately from the house. To minimize conflicts with both parties, I wanted to offer the utilities included in the rent. After speaking with my CPA, he recommended me to include "Caps" in the lease and should those caps be exceeded then the difference would be divided between the two tenants. Does anyone have additional recommendations or even a different way to go about including the utilities in the rent when you are dealing with in-laws quarters?

I agree that 30 would probably...

I agree that 30 would probably be the standard number. You might be able to find the answer in our blog. There is a state map of tenant/landlord laws that might help http://blog.landlordstation.com/landlord-tenant-state-laws-regulations/ Just click on your state. 

I always give at least 45-days...

I always give at least 45-days notice. Each state is different on their laws, but typically 30 is the minimum number. My lease states that the tenant has to give me 30 days notice if they are going to move after their lease is up so I give the same curtesy. Check with www.uslegalforms.com, they state specific forms and handbooks available. I think I paid $80 for their Landlord package, which really isn't bad. Or try and find a sample and make your own. I know in the State of TN is not mandatory to give a reason for why a lease would not be renewed. Hope that helps.

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