Money Spent on Advertising

I want to save money on advertising, but I don't want to cut corners. Any advice?

Craigslist and Yard Signs are ...

Craigslist and Yard Signs are my most effective forms of advertising.  The Service that landlordstation is great as well.  They get you on many site for Free (huge plus).  You can also list on zillow,, and other free websites.  I have 9 properties and have them all occupied in a week or less by using yard signs and craigslist.  The key is getting your signs up and your listing up early.  When you know you have the property wrapped up, start listing it.  If you can stick a sign in the yard and not get in trouble, Do It!  I just listed two properties and had them leased with in a day of listing them.

I use craigslist. Thought abou...

I use craigslist. Thought about using the MLS listing but I usually get a tenant before going that approach. I don't like realtor to contact me to solicitate, I do all the work and why do I need to pay them for just getting me a contact? 

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