Pet Rent - Is it worth it?

I've noticed more and more people are charging pet rent every month on top of pet deposits and fees and such. It seems kind of excessive, but with so many people doing it, I wonder if a lot of people are having trouble paying for pet damage. Any thoughts?

I know this isn't an answer to...

I know this isn't an answer to the question, but I'm hoping maybe someone can answer this for me as well, since it's connected: What is the difference in all of the pet fees? I've heard of pet deposits, pet security deposits, pet rent and pet fees. Are you supposed to charge them all or just some or is it possible to not charge any at all? I don't want to over-charge someone just because they have a pet, but I don't want to get stuck cleaning up after them either.

Deposits are usually something...

Deposits are usually something you have the potential of getting back,  depending on the lease. You don't have to have all of this. I've never charged pet rent, so I'm afraid I'm not help on that

Bears fan- do yu live in Chica...

Bears fan- do yu live in Chicago? Pent rent is new to me- can you please share more? Do you have a sample "pet rent" contract? Would love to see what this looks like.

MrsMonopoly - No, I'm not in C...

MrsMonopoly - No, I'm not in Chicago, but it sounds like it's all across the country then. I really don't know much about how or why it's started up, so that's why I was asking

From what I've seen, it's an a...

From what I've seen, it's an any/some/all choice for charging the pet rent, separate deposit, or fee.  The lease on the property we are buying states that there is a $10/per month pet fee, plus they must pay a $300 fee if extermination (of fleas) is needed when they move out.  The $10/ month will get charged as well if the landlord finds out a pet is being kept without their knowledge. As far as the pet security deposit goes, some consider this separately to cover pet damage or extra cleaning needed due to the pets- I would think that the extermination of fleas would fall under that as well.  Others add the pet security deposit to the regular security deposit, but you have to be careful there.  If there is a max security deposit, the extra pet deposit might put you over the legal limit.  In Michigan, we can hold a 1.5 times monthly rent as a security deposit, my local market seems to charge one month's rent for security deposit, so I could add a half month's rent to the security deposit without worry.  If you are already at your max deposit, a flat non refundable fee might be the way to go. Hope that helps, Kelly

Forgot to add- that $10/month ...

Forgot to add- that $10/month is PER PET.  And the pets must be approved in writing by the landlord. I would definetly charge something if you plan on allowing pets- one place we were in had the tenant move in only 2 months before with 2 small dogs and the place stunk already.  I'm not against dogs, we have a few of our own, but be prepared for the extra cleaning or possibly carpet replacement or more that may need to occur!

I have done pet rent many ways...

I have done pet rent many ways -

Up front extra non-refundable pet deposit for say $400-$600

Up front refundable security deposit of up to $1000

Have added X amount per month.

Have been flexible with rents for pets such as structuring it that pent rent disappear after a year, such as waiving the pet rent on the lease renewal since the tenants have proven that their they are responsible and the pet has caused no damage.

Lots of ways to structure it and being creative, just make sure you stay within your states laws.

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