Renting to family and friends

Does anyone have any thoughts? Good idea? Always a bad idea? Depends on the person?

What a great question.  I don'...

What a great question.  I don't mind doing this, as long as I treat them as any other renter.  I find most of the problems with family is that you (as the landlord) want to give them extra benefits and they actually don't want that.  They then feel bad asking you to fix stuff, and it perpetuates the cycle of potential unhappiness.  I have family pay the market price, and I expect to answer their questions or fix agreed to items.  Hope this helps!  Also, you know already who would be a good or bad tenant since they are your family.  Don't rent to the bad ones and expect them to be good tenants because they are family members.


I agree. I tell them they will be treated just like everyone else because the Fair Housing Act/Law says so. It's out of my hand, its the law is what I like to say. My get out of jail card.

Rough Experience with Family

I rented to my nephew and his wife. Needless to say they split up. He left, she stayed, refused to pay the rent. I did what I do to all my tenants. I gave them a 3-Day Notice. She still refused to move. I offered one last opportunity to my sister and brother-in-law in assisting with getting her out. I asked them to intervene because I was typing up the eviction papers and did not want to have to sit across the court room from nephew but would it they didn't move. Needless to say. They left. Monies were paid for back rent. So as a rule for myself, I do not rent to family members.

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