Tenants giving false information about income

We had a recent inquiry at LandlordStation.com on this subject and I thought it would make an interesting question for everyone. Has anyone had any trouble with a potential tenant either fudging their income (or even out-right lying about it) in order to have a better chance of renting your property? If so, what was the outcome and how did you find out? Any advice you'd offer to others that are trying to avoid something like this?

It seems like if they were doi...

It seems like if they were doing that it would show upĀ  in some form on their background check. If they'd been evicted over it, it would show through that. I just think that if they made a habit of this, there'd be warnings if you look for them.

I agree with the first reply, ...

I agree with the first reply, but I also think that the one foolproof way of sorting this out is to get a current employee reference who can confirm income. It would definitley show up in a good background check if they were making a habit of it, but you could always be the first one. My recomendation would be to get a good tenant screen done, but to also get some solid references from the tenant if current income is a major factor in your rental decision.

believe nothing!

We just had a recent experience with a prospect falsifying income on their application. At this time my partner and I do the employment/income verification ourselves. We ask for income documents at the time the application is submitted or email/fax them to us prior to processing the application.

We then verify those documents the best we can by calling human resources or the employer directly. A prospect emailed us their pay stub. It came to us in an excel spread sheet format, which seemed odd to me. The income was fine but there was a lot of other reference numbers that seemed unnecessary.

The kicker was that after each pay amount the word dollars was spelled out in the end. We always have two people review docs sent to us. My partner noticed that the word dollar was spelled incorrectly as "dollor," no kidding. RED FLAG!

I thought this should be interesting when I call human resources. When I called, the first thing I asked was do you have any misspelled words in your pay stubs? This was a regional hospital where I would expect nothing like that to occur anywhere in there sensitive documents. The person stated she doubted but wouldn't rule it out. They stated that we must really scrutinize documents, I said yes we must.

I told her I am trying to verify the employment and income of an employee. She asked who it was and their information. She asked what income did I have and how many hours did she have. I told her and she paused and asked me to email what I had regarding said employee.

I emailed the information. Forty-five minutes later she emailed me and stated that his was not a pay voucher issued by them and that this was all that she could divulge to me. I thanked her. Twenty minutes later the prospect called me and asked how was the application going? I told them we are still going through the verification process. I was actually typing up a denial letter.

The prospect emails me to inquire if there is something going on with her application. I respond that she will get a letter on the status of her application. She responds that I should just be straight with her and let her know if she is denied.

I gave in and told her we were informed by their employer that the pay voucher was not issued by her employer thus we could not verify your income. Needless to say I heard nothing else from the prospect.

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