time management

I know everyone's time is valuable, so I'm curious how you manage it as a landlord that may or may not have a "day job," so to speak. I could only take so many showings of my properties that people just didn't show up to (no calls or anything!) before I put my foot down. I now have the tenant meet me at my office if they want to see the property. We can drive over together. That way, if they don't show, I can still get some work done and it's not a total loss.

I ask the interested party to ...

I ask the interested party to call me 20 minutes before our appointment to confirm. If they don't, I won't be there, and I make it clear to them why. Most people understand this. They have busy lives too and have been stood up before or made to wait. If they're going to be good tenants, they should understand.

I agree. I always provide a nu...

I agree. I always provide a number for the interested party to get ahold of me with in case they are running late or can't make it for any reason. I tend to send them a text or give them a call about an hour beforehand to confirm.I always tell them to expect it so that we can all be on the same page.

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