Using Social Media for Screening

Can you do it? I've heard of some people using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... pretty much anything in order to check up on tenants. I know employers do it, but what about the legal reprocussions? If they have stellar credit, but their facebook shows them to be a big partier and you're worried they'll disrupt the tenants, is that a valid reason to turn them down? Can you even bring that into the conversation? I feel like it'd be a great asset to use, but it also worries me and feels a bit intrusive as well. Any thoughts?

I was reading an article about...

I was reading an article about this today and thought I'd remembered you asking the question. I thought I'd offer some advice from what I read: The problem with social media is the fact that you might find things out that you are not allowed to make decisions based on (race, religion, family status, etc....). While you can say that it had no baring on your decision (and it may not, depending on how well you seperate things), it's almost impossible to prove that and it could put you in a sticky situation. The advice that was given in the article is to have someone besides the one who will be making the final decision do the internet search. That way they can provide relative information to you (or whoever is making that decision) without having the problem of it being said that you were made predjudice by information that is illegal to make a decision from. Hope this helps!

I use it and anything else available

Interesting things you can find out about folks. They tell so much information on social media

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