Duel party (landlord/renter) document signing and storage

If we could purchase a contract online- have it signed online (mobile device) at the property while showing the renter and have the contract emailed to both parties and stored on this site in an account folder we owned... That would be awesome! I'd even pay 10-20 bucks per contract stored every year!

This is a great idea! We're ac...

This is a great idea! We're actually working on this as we speak and hope to have it live early 2013. Since we're still getting it ready, it's a great time to let us know what you'd like to see from it. If you have any specifics beyond what you've written (or if anyone else does) then let us know so we can do our best to incorporate it!

Thanks Jen.   It'stedious prep...

Thanks Jen.   It'stedious prepping paperwork and making extra trips to grab documents, the idea is to have access to all documents on  my mobile device.   Of course an adobe signiture is required, yet I believe the world now accepts digital signitures so this means. Less paperleases hassle, green!!!, and less confusion - renters can change documents and it creates a sinle reference point.  I know some docs are state specific and it would need a notessection for special provisions. 

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