Best or Worst - stuff left behind

Have  former tenants ever left really good or really awful stuff behind? I once had to leave an old 10-speed bike because I was removingr across country in a Toyota Starlet and didn't have room for it or time to find it a home before I left.

Twice in ten years I have had ...

Twice in ten years I have had folks leave good lawn mowers behind. They were both good tenants and I was able to follow up with them. One was going back home to China and didn't need it. The other was moving into an apartment. Both told me to keep the mower. And both of those mowers were in way better shape than my current mower, so I go that going for me.

I obtained a washer that was l...

I obtained a washer that was left behind because the old owner said it was over 20 years old in 2000.  She said it still worked, but wanted an upgraded look for her new place. The beast is still churning out great clean clothes today.  It has been repaired maybe 2 or 3 times in 33+ years.  Wow is all I can say.

I love dogs.. Yet one tenant l...

I love dogs.. Yet one tenant left 3 cat play centers- had a 3 /2. One room was for the cats, and the bathroom - bathtub had been collecting kitty litter for 6 years and had a **bleep** spilling onto the floor when he moved out. Otherwise amazing renter but the man loved cats!

Has anyone ever had a tenant t...

Has anyone ever had a tenant that just left everything behind? Just picked up and left without taking anything with them?

Yes, just make sure they are g...

Yes, just make sure they are gone or not dead before you start clearing house

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