Packrat Tenant

I have a tenant who is a packrat. I'm not talking about keeping a few more nicknacks than most, I'm talking about piles and piles of.... junk. I didn't realize how bad it was. I hadn't had a reason to be in the house in a while, but I dropped by earlier today to take a look at an issue they were having with the railing on their porch. There were piles of random stuff towering on the porch. They invited me inside for coffee - guess they didn't think this was bad - and I had to tiptoe around clothes piled on the floor. There were only a couple places I could actually see the floor in the livingroom and don't get me started on the kitchen. Piles and piles and piles.... Seriously, it was a little bit of everything: clothes, books, kids' toys.... It didn't end. I don't even want to think of the maintence and clean up job that will have to be done when they move out at the end of their lease. Yeah, I'm afraid this isn't an overly helpful post. I'm more or less just in shock over the amount of stuff that these people can accumilate. They seemed like such clean cut people when I interviewed them and I did a full background check... No complaints. I'm at a complete loss on this. Guess that just shows you never know.

Don't feel bad I had a client ...

Don't feel bad I had a client whose house was imaculate two 1/2 years later when I was doing a walk through to get it ready to sell I was amazed at the stuff. I was so shocked I took pictures because I knew nobody would believe me. The women had some serious mental issues.

You I'll be amazed at what sel...

You I'll be amazed at what sells at a garage sale. Pull everything in the yard and post-- make an offer - you name the price.

Hutch02840 - It's really amazi...

Hutch02840 - It's really amazing. I just wish there were a way to be able to tell beforehand, you know? Who knows, maybe they'll stay forever because they just don't want to move all that stuff! MrsMonopoly - That's a fantastic idea! If they leave things behind and don't want to take it with them if/when they leave, I'll definitely keep that in mind.

Did you call their former land...

Did you call their former landlords? Is this new for them?

They had owned their own home ...

They had owned their own home for years before.

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