Collecting the Credit Check Fee Up Front

I've had several people look at a home I have for rent.  They all take applications, however, only 2 so far have faxed the completed app back to me.  I ran a check on one through LandLord Station at my own expense.  I never collected the fee and this person decided against renting my home.    I have another one that I haven't run yet, but don't know how to get the app fee up front.  Please give me some tactful tips on how to collect it before I run the credit check.

I have a set price that I use ...

I have a set price that I use and give it the broad name of "application fee." Of course, I let my applicant know that it is non-refundable and that it will be used to check their credit as well. That way if they back out, they knew up-front that they would lose that money. It also cuts down on people who aren't seriously looking. They won't drop $30 or $40 if they aren't serious about the property.

Always get an application fee ...

Always get an application fee when you take an application.  That way you know the tenant is serious about the property.  Non-refundable and it pays for the credit/background check via Landlord Station.

Absolutely, when the paperwork...

Absolutely, when the paperwork gets handed to perspective client the application fee gets taken and the non-refundable application fee gets used for time spent to check references and background as well as credit.  It eliminates all those just collecting rental applications while they are shopping and gets them to think about opening their mouths and saying they aren't interested or proving that they are.

Definately collect whatever fe...

Definately collect whatever fee you feel is appropriate to "start the application process" I find this is a real good method to weed out those interested and ready to move from those that are still early in their search for a new place. I tell all prospective renters that as soon as I receive a completed application from them with the $25.00 credit check fee then I will start the process of considering them for the property. Just mentioning a credit check will also weed out non-interested parties.

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